Wedding Car Hire – What To Look For

Why Use A Chauffeur Service?
5th September 2016

Wedding Car Hire – What To Look For

When you don’t know much about cars, it can be hard to choose a reputable hire company for your special wedding event. The car not only needs to look great and work well but need to be able to accommodate the amounts of people likely to be using it – and that large, voluminous wedding dress! If you’re not a car person but need a good car for the wedding party, you should find the following suggestions very helpful.


Decide who will be travelling in the wedding cars.

Work out the number of bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls and pageboys that you will be having.

  • Each person entitled to travel as your wedding party may also want you to arrange their transportation, so be clear about this in advance.
  • Knowing who needs to go in the wedding party car(s) will help you to decide how many cars need booking. If you require two or more cars, or a larger vehicle to get the whole wedding party to the areas you’re going, organized appropriately and on time, then you need to know this now.


Map out what will happen in terms of moving around on your wedding day.

How many trips will the wedding party make through the day? Is the travel distance short or long? If it’s longer than a quarter of an hour, comfort will be a very important factor. At all times, safety is a priority too.

  • Think about timing and be practical. Choose the journey ahead of schedule. A few ladies like to take a scenic route before the ceremony. In other words, they like to be fashionably late.
  • Also, after the service the bride and groom may like to get some photos taken at various spots.


While the wedding car company will help you to arrange a route and timings, you do need to be realistic.

When deciding on your route and additional trips, consider what you need and allow plenty of time for everything.